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Brief details are given of a selection of unusual or interesting projects which Chris Booth has been involved with during his career. Work on many of these projects was carried out during previous employment with  Cass Hayward, Fairfield Mabey, and Dorman Long.

River Usk Arch Bridge Design, Newport

Design and checking of major temporary works associated with the lifting of the arch sections and launch of the deck.

Doncaster North Railway Bridge

Design and checking of temporary works used during the reconstruction of the existing highway bridge over 7 rail lines. The novel erection scheme involved construction of the new deck above the existing bridge and removal of the existing deck on underslung runway beams. Finally the bridge was jacked down 3m using Powerlift units during short overnight rail possessions.

Holyhead RoRo Modifications

Design of modifications widening the link span and allowing the use of larger ferries.

Float Viaduct

Design of spreader beams to enable the 3 main girders to be lifted as a four point lift.

West Coast Main Line (WCML) Footbridges

 Design of 17 footbridges which replaced existing level crossings over the main line.

Rio Isabela Bridge, Dominican Republic

Project management for design, procurement, shipping, and erection scheme details.

M65 Stanworth Valley Viaduct, Blackburn

Supervision of temporary works design for launch of bridge steelwork.

Marsh Mills Viaducts, Plymouth

Sales Director for Fairfield-Mabey during award of subcontracts for structural steelwork.   Closely involved in Hochtief’s tender team for the Marsh Mills slip roads slide-in.

Docks Crossing, Canary Wharf

Conception of erection scheme using floating crane to lift beams into place during night time occupations of the Docklands Light Railway.

A406 Ilford Flyover, London

Commercial Manager at Fairfield-Mabey responsible for estimating and negotiation of steelwork subcontracts.

Workington Dock

Relocation of dockside crane using wheeled transporters and military trestling.

Menai Suspension Bridge

Site Agent for Major Maintenance Contract which  included measurement of hanger loads, changing hanger pins, upgrading gantries and accesses, concrete repairs, and blast cleaning and/or painting the entire structure.

Old Ford Road Rail Underbridge, London

Design of temporary works comprising panel (Bailey type) bridge sections and military trestling. These supported the rail tracks and slide path during the bridge slides. An unusual aspect to the scheme was the use of 61m span trusses to support the rail tracks during ground excavation. The trusses comprised 1.5m deep standard panel bridge components which were supported on railway wagons, preassembled and delivered from a rail yard several miles away.

Humber Bridge

Analysis of the geometry of the cables and deck for both the permanent works and during the construction phase. The analysis of geometry during the construction phase was a complex process which required the use of a non-linear plane frame computer program to model the cable geometry and gaps between deck boxes. (Click here for a recent simulation using FE methods). Design of temporary works for the tower top platforms, deck lifting attachments, and a temporary bridge over the main line railway used to support and transfer the deck sections prior to lifting. Please contact us with any comments or queries. Based in the UK with convenient access to Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Gwent, London, Newport, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Swansea, Swindon.
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