A wide variety of geotechnical problems can be solved using Finite Element techniques. These include soil, seepage, soil-structure-interaction, settlement, and displacement analyses. Analysis of gravity/flexible retaining walls, piles, and tunnelling problems can be carried out using 2D and 3D elements. Material models available include Cam-Clay, Drucker-Prager, Elastic, and Nonlinear Geological materials.

Analysis of Sheet Pile Walls

The following example shows a sheet pile abutment for an integral bridge in which the displacements and rotations of the piles are predicted. As shown in the following view a 3D model is used with the soil modelled as 4 layers of elastic material. The following picture shows an exaggerated view of displacements together with the sheet pile effective stresses, under a laterally applied load to the pile cap.

Soil Consolidation Analysis

An example of the type of soil consolidation analysis that can be carried out is shown in the ADINA Newsgroup. The distribution of excess pore pressure and the displacement under the applied load is computed for a simple three-layered soil model. Please contact us with any comments or queries. Based in the UK with convenient access to Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Gwent, London, Newport, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Swansea, Swindon.
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