We are particularly experienced in nonlinear analysis. Almost all types of nonlinear analysis can be carried out including the use of nonlinear materials, nonlinear geometry, cables, buckling, and contact.  A few examples of the types of nonlinear analysis that have been carried out are shown below.

Analysis of Tower with Missing Bracings

Nonlinear analysis (and animation) of a tower used during steel erection, where some of the bracings needed to be removed as they fouled the permanent works. A quick nonlinear analysis was carried out to confirm the adequacy of the tower under the applied loading plus wind loads. The FE model was made and the results were assessed in less than a day. Similar analysis of guyed masts would be possible.

Riveted Lap Joint

Contact analysis of bolted connection in high tensile steel, with load/slip behaviour showing close correlation to test results. Click here for an animation.

Suspension Bridge Deck Erection

This example (and animation) shows the use of cable elements in a situation where there is a high degree of geometrical nonlinearity.

Buckling of Web Panels

Buckling analysis of plate panels close to their theoretical critical slenderness ratio, with initial imperfections being applied.

Tubular Connections

Nonlinear analysis of tubular intersections may be carried out. This type of model can be used to provide verification of designs using the CIDECT or API rules and specifications for steel hollow (tubular) sections, or in cases where the details are too complicated to allow for the safe use of these codes.

Riveted Girders

Simulations of old riveted girders comprising wrought iron flange/web plates, flange angles and rivets, have been carried out. The effect of the actual rivet pattern is modelled, allowing an estimation of the rivet shear stresses to be obtained. This type of analysis might be used to justify higher web shear and buckling capacities to those calculated using existing codes. Please contact us with any comments or queries. Based in the UK with convenient access to Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Gwent, London, Newport, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Swansea, Swindon.
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