Most types of stress analysis can be carried out, whether these are 2D, 3D, or involve beam, truss, shell, solid elements etc. Complex geometries can be modelled within the solid modeller of the FE program. Alternatively model geometry can be imported from all the well known solid modelling and mesh generation packages (e.g. AutoCAD, I-DEAS, Mechanical Desktop, Parasolid based programs, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, SolidWorks , MSC Patran, etc).

Tubular intersection

Complex tubular intersection using shell elements. Because of the complexity of this connection FE methods were used to verify preliminary designs carried out using traditional building codes and guidance notes.

Complex 3D Anchorage Assembly

3D model of a stadium roof connection with relatively complicated geometry . The initial elastic model was rerun using plastic material properties.

Steel Orthotropic Deck

Analysis of a wheel patch load (BS5400 - BD31/01 - UK loading) on an orthotropic deck. Patch loads to other international standards such as AASHTO could also be applied. The fillet welded connection between the deck and trough plate was modelled as constrained in translation but not in rotation, to give a conservative estimate of the rotational stiffness of the fillet weld.

Fillet and Partial Penetration Welds

An example of 3D modelling of partial penetration and fillet welds within a complex assembly of tubes and plates. Please contact us with any comments or queries. Based in the UK with convenient access to Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Gwent, London, Newport, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Swansea, Swindon.
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FEA - Stress
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