A few examples are shown of the types of structural problems that we can solve quickly and efficiently using finite element methods. Traditionally many of these types of problems would probably be solved using multiple runs from conventional space/plane frame, or grillage programs. However there are occasions when certain types of problem can be solved quickly, more efficiently, and with a better opportunity for display of results using FE analysis. We also run traditional frame analysis programs so are well suited to decide the best method of solving a particular problem.

Suspension Bridge Deck Erection Analysis

This example shows a simulation of a suspension bridge erection scheme. It was particularly useful to use a finite element program to solve this problem, as it was possible to carry out a nonlinear analysis with cable elements and utilising the element birth/death feature for the addition of deck units. An animation of this model shows a highly graphical display of the entire scheme within one single program run.

Steel Bridge Girder Launch Analysis

This example shows an analysis of a steel bridge girder launching scheme. An incremental launch is analysed with new girder sections being added to the rear of the launch.  Changes in girder profile, curvature, cambers etc are readily accommodated. An animation of this model shows a continuous display of deflections, bending moments, and reactions at close intervals during the launch. Also visible is the inclined nose touching down on the forward rollers, and additional girder sections being added to the rear. Please contact us with any comments or queries. Based in the UK with convenient access to Avon, Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester, Gwent, London, Newport, Oxford, Reading, South Wales, Swansea, Swindon.
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